Popping room

Isometric Room Animation


As an artist with a growing passion for isometric design and animation, I felt drawn to create a personal project that combined both. Inspired by the countless captivating isometric artworks online, I embarked on a journey to model and animate a familiar space – my own living room!


The challenge was to strike a balance between realism and the inherent stylization of isometric art. While I wanted to capture the essence of my actual living room, I also envisioned a warm and inviting space that resonated with a general audience. Extensive planning ensured smooth animation and efficient modeling.

To achieve the desired semi-realistic aesthetic, I thoughtfully crafted different textures. This involved incorporating realistic wood grain details alongside basic shading for surfaces like the table and speakers. This harmonious blend accentuated the furniture’s proportions, solidifying the room’s identity within the isometric style.

For the animation, I prioritized a playful and dynamic approach. Each element – from furniture to decorative details – needed to “pop” visually, creating an engaging and non-repetitive experience for the viewer. I primarily utilized bevel, scale, and deform animations to breathe life into the scene. Utilizing Blender’s ‘Animation Nodes’ add-on, I achieved a seamless animation workflow for the floor tiles.

The final video embodies my vision perfectly. The dynamic animation, coupled with the warm color palette and textures, creates a truly inviting space. I am thrilled with the outcome and hope viewers find it as visually captivating as I do!


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