3D design for a clean and minialistic video presentation


Karno is a Belgian company that develops a zero-carbon heat system with a turnkey solution.

The challenge was to create a compelling 3D explainer video that effectively communicated Karno’s innovative zero-carbon heat system. This project came through Thomas de Limbourg, a talented motion designer with extensive experience in animation. As Thomas was unfamiliar with Blender for this project, I provided him with tips and tricks to navigate the software effectively. I handled the 3D design and modeling aspects of the video. In turn, Thomas’s expertise in video production proved invaluable throughout the process. Together, we delved into researching effective 3D explainer video styles and scriptwriting techniques for technical products.

Initially, we brainstormed a colorful aesthetic to make the video visually captivating. While a vibrant palette can be engaging, we wanted to ensure the focus remained on the clear communication of Karno’s technology.

Through further exploration, we opted for a more subdued color scheme, similar to architectural models. This shift in direction ensured the focus remained on the communication of Karno’s technology, while still maintaining a visually engaging aesthetic.

This project not only allowed me to showcase my 3D design skills but also honed my ability to collaborate effectively within a team. I’m eager to leverage this experience to tackle similar challenges in the future.

Credits :

Direction, animation and compositing : Thomas de Limbourg

3D design : Amélie Delaitte

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